Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Regime forces killed 121 Syrians including 19 children

The rebels continued a major offensive to take over the town of Adra, 22km north east of Damascus, storming a military checkpoint and killing many regime soldiers. Fighters from the Syrian Islamic Front bombed a military convoy near the town of Zabadani, destroying two armored vehicles and leaving many troops dead and wounded.
Fierce fighting broke out in the neighborhoods of Qabun, Qadam, Tadamon, Yarmouk and Palestine refugee camp in Damascus. The rebels said they shot down a cargo aircraft carrying weapons while landing in the Deir Azzour military airport in the east. They also shot down a fighter jet in the Hama suburb of Karnaz.
The rebels bombed a military checkpoint near the base of the army’s 68th brigade in the Damascus-Qunaitera highway and bombed a minibus near the Daraa suburb of Sahem Golan, killing at least 14 soldiers from the military security branch.
Regime forces continued their attacks on residential areas within the rebels-held towns in Syria, shelling as many as 330 locations across the country, 29 of which were pounded with warplanes using cluster, phosphorous, thermboaric and explosive bombs.
Today’s death toll reached 176. Regime forces and loyalist militiamen killed at least 121 people, including 19 children, 5 women and 36 rebel fighters, whereas the rebels killed more than 55 soldiers and militiamen.
In Damascus and its suburbs, at least 53 people were killed by regime forces today, including 12 children and two women who died due to the indiscriminate aerial and rocket bombardments in the neighborhoods of Yarmouk and Hajar Aswad as well as in the provincial towns of Douma, Shifouniya, Mdeira and Irabin. Meanwhile, at least 16 rebel fighters were killed due to the violent clashes that broke out in the towns of Adra, Daraya and Irbin.
At least 22 people were reported dead in Aleppo and its suburbs today, eight of whom were pulled from the rubble of a five-story building which was leveled to the ground after been hit by a missile yesterday. Meanwhile, some nine people were killed and many others were injured due to the heavy shelling and clashes that took place in the town of Khanaser in the Aleppo suburb of Sfeera.
Some five people were killed in the town of Talbis as regime forces continued their massive military offensive on opposition areas in Homs. They shelled more than 26 locations, causing extensive material damage and leaving dozens of people wounded. The town of Karnaz in the suburb of Hama was also subjected to heavy aerial bombardment which left at least three people dead and many more wounded.
A fighter jet bombed a school that houses refugees in the Deir Azzour suburb of Mayadin thus injuring many people including a number of children. Some towns in the entire western suburb of Deir Azzour have been living without electricity and water for the 4th consecutive day due to the damage caused to their infrastructure.
More than 1600 Syrians crossed into Turkey via Bab al-Hawa border post today. Meanwhile, some 2148 Syrians crossed into Jordan within the past 24 hours thus bringing the total number of Syrian refugees to 340000 in Jordan alone.
Security forces carried out a massive arrest campaign in the neighborhood of Ashrafiya in Aleppo city, arresting more than 100 people within the past two days.

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